Amcor AF8000E 8,000 BTU Review



Portable feature, high fan speed, dehumidification, washable filter, remote control


Average compressor, limited instruction


There are a lot of people who need air conditioner for the summer to make their rooms cooler. In addition, there are also many people live in areas with hot temperature that also need the use of air conditioner to make their environment cooler and comfortable for their living. If you are in the need of air conditioner, Amcor AF8000E 8,000-BTU Portable Air Conditioner is one option that you can recognize. This product is revealed to be used by many customers. Here we are going to review the product from seeing the feedbacks that are shared by the customers.

Good Points

Portable feature – The product of air conditioner from Amcor in the type that has been mentioned is that this the portable feature can make the user easier because it can be moved form one place to the other places.

High fan speed – it is revealed that the air conditioner is designed with high speed of fan so that it can produce cooler temperature for cooling a room. In addition, the high fan speed is also competed with timer up to 12 hours. With the high speed fan, the air conditioner can also make a 300 square feet room cooler soon.

Dehumidification system – For your information, the air conditioner product is made with the system that can kill humidity. With this dehumidification, we are able to get fresh air condition that is healthy for our family.

Washable filter – the maintenance of the air conditioner is quite easy since the air filter is washable. We can easily wash the filter so that it will work well again in filtering the air. The grill of air outlet is adjustable and we will also get the wheels has smooth rolling.


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Bad Points

Average compressor – some customers are found to be not quite satisfied with the air conditioner. They think that the air conditioner has only average capability in conditioning the temperature. The air compressor is found to cycle little so that it does not produce deep cool temperature.

Limited instruction – it is also found some feedbacks from customers that are disappointed with the instruction that is not detail so that in operating the air conditioner they can not achieve maximum value.


Considering good points and bad points, it is revealed that the product may just be useful for low cooling. According to the customer reviews, it seems that the feature of high speed cooling in Amcor AF8000E Portable Air Conditioner is not really satisfying customers. The company Amcor Portable Air Conditioner is out of business, so you cannot find any new product. I suggest you to choose another brand product, like LG, Sharp or Frigidaire

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