Frigidaire FRA053PU1 5,000 BTU Review



Swing air direction control and electronic control are available. Antimicrobial mesh filters to give the real comfort and reduce bacteria, room odors until the other airborne particles. Space wise portable design allows the user to move this air conditioner easily.


It is leak on the floor. When the fan on, it will be noisy enough.

What to like

Frigidaire FRA053PU1 5,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner appears as the good features. The cooling capacity of this portable air conditioner is big enough. There will be 5,000 BTU cooling capacity and the good power to cool up to 216 square feet room. To give the cool air evenly, this portable air conditioner equipped with swing air direction control too. But the interesting thing from this air conditioner is located at the antimicrobial mesh filter. Beside it, it also equipped with rear top filter access and electronic control for the easy operation.

The space wise design in the caster wheel and the integrated side handles designed to help you in moving it easier and get the cool air anywhere you want. To give you some ease in operation, there will be full function remote control that helps you to control the temperature even set up the timer easily. To give more ease, there is select ready controls feature that designed to allow you in selecting the expected cooling option just by touching the button. To answer the issue about energy efficient, this portable air conditioner offers on or off timer that allows you to turn it on or turn it off.


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What not to like

The bad thing from this air conditioner is located at the noise every time you turn on the fan. When you turn this air conditioner, you will get leak on the floor too. But during the normal condition, you do not need to drain the water from the bottom. If you want to stop the leak problem, it will be better to wipe it when the floor is going leak.


If you are considering the price and the performance of this portable air conditioner, it looks worth it enough. But if you expect a quiet portable air conditioner and need an air conditioner to place in your bedroom, it is so recommended to find the other one especially if you cannot accept any noise during your sleeping time. But based on the customer review this product looks good enough and many people love it.

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