Haier CPN11XCJ 11000 BTU Review


: 3-in-1 home comfort system, application of Auto evaporation technology, energy efficiency by R-410A refrigerant, effective auto timer.

Cons: the price of this air conditioner is quite expensive

What to like

3-in-1 home comfort system. Haier CPN11XCJ 11000-BTU Portable Air Conditioner seems to be a good choice for your need of comfortable room. This electronic device does not only serve as an air conditioner but also fan and dehumidifier function. Those Three functions make the product called a 3-in-1 home comfort system.

Auto Evaporation Technology; Application of this technology keeps the device from the inconvenience of water removal.

Eco-friendly R-410A refrigerant; aside from increasing performance, the use of R-410A Refrigerant allows the device to reduce consumption of energy. Another plus point of this feature is not to release ozone depleting chemicals, thereby decreasing global warming issues.

“ I have just bought Haier CPN11XCJ 11000-BTU Portable Air Conditioner and am surprised that the device only needs less energy of electricity” Online User Review

Auto timer; auto timer is attached to enable users set up the device on basis of certain time. The auto timer installed on this air conditioner will make the device adjustable so you can use it on basis of what you really need.

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What not to like

On basis of some consumers review, the price of this product is a bit higher. Price of the product is about $379, and many people thing of the price should be lower.


Haier CPN11XCJ 11000-BTU is a good choice since there are a range of advantages you can get. Not only does the device enable you to get function of air conditioner but also fan and dehumidifier. What makes this product differs from others is about the concept of eco-friendly that can be seen from the application of R-410 refrigerant. Other advantage you can get from this air conditioner is adjustable device by which you can set certain time on bases of what you need. Aforementioned features of this air conditioner are just a few plus points that you can get since there are still some benefits such as existence of washable air filter and effective remote control. Despite the fact that some people  think of Haier CPN11XCJ 11000-BTU offers a bit higher price, many people don’t think of it as a serious problem since they can get a lot of advantages.

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