Honeywell MN12CES 12,000 BTU Portable AC with Remote Control – Black/Silver



It offers cooling, dehumidification and fan features. It also has the large dehumidification capacity. With scratch resistant body, you do not need to worry about scratch anymore.


This portable air conditioner looks bad in the noise level. The finishing also looks bad especially at the back side.

What to Like

HONEYWELL Portable Air Conditioner with Dehumidifier 12000 BTU Auto Evaporative System No Water Bucket to Empty Hidden Controls Illuminate with Hand Touch offers cooling, dehumidification and fan. It looks like there are three functions in one device. The auto evaporate system helps you to get the cool air easier. Even you do not need to empty the water bucket anymore. Eco friendly refrigerant, remote control, scratch resistant body and timer are also available in this air conditioner. For the dehumidification capacity, this device can handle up to 1.8 L per hour.

Besides getting a cooler, you can also get a filter and dehumidified device too. More than it, this device does not need the permanent installation too. There will be four castors that help this air conditioner to give the good mobility. You can also switch the display from Fahrenheit into Celsius easily. Beside it, you can also find remote controlled oscillation lovers that designed for the easy set up too. One year warranty is the warranty that given to the buyer.

What not to like

If you expect a low noise air conditioner, this one can be a disaster especially if you cannot sleep with the noise. For the appearance, it looks not good enough. Maybe it equipped with scratch resistant body, but at the back side, it looks poorly finish. When you turn it on in the night, you will get a wet floor on the morning.

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For the features and the portability, this portable air conditioner looks good enough. But in performance this portable ac can be disappointing. Many people said it will be better to buy the better product with this price. The noise is the main problem for this air conditioning unit. But if you do not too bothered with it, you can ignore this con. The ease in use and installation is the good thing from this air conditioner. So you can install it easily even more it easier. But the final choice is up to you. If the deficiency of this portable air conditioner looks not too bothering you, you can choose it. But if you are looking for the better one, it will be better for you to find the other portable air conditioning unit.

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