LG LP1111WXR 11,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with remote

LG Portable Air Conditioner Review

With our local electric company estimating 1 week to bring back electrical power after the storm as well as temps getting almost a hundred degrees everyday, some kind of Air Conditioning for the basement walk-out rec-room seemed to be crucial. Our building started to be virtually uninhabitable because of the high heat. We certainly have a generator, therefore electricity was not a problem. We decided to buy this device from Amazon.


– continuously running to keep cool around 380 square feet (well insulated) rec room in 70 degree on days it hit almost 100 outside the house.

– not so loud, you will not be bothered when watching TV while it’s running. The operating noise is mainly the blowing fan.

– it doesn’t come with a drain pan, which is actually OK. After running for 2 full days in the hot humid Washington DC are, there was zero water to drain.

– intuitive control panel. We didn’t need the instructions or the remote, though it comes with remote. Connect it to the electricity outlet, switch it on and set the temp you desire.

– easy installation, you don’t need to lift it up, just roll it on the floor.

– works extremely well to become dehumidifier, but you will have to purchase additional drain hose pipe for the water.

– easily move on a hard floor but not  on carpet.


– The device itself is actually 33″ high, 18.5″ wide, 14″ deep, and it must be about one foot out of the window to have 6″ flexible exhaust hose room to be able to bend.

– LG ELECTRONICS includes variable-width trim to set up in the bottom or side ) of your window, that this device’s 6″ exhaust hose plugs into. These kinds of plastic material components are quite thin, therefore you need to be cautious to make sure they do not crack. Screw it towards the window frame to keep it in position if it is to settle there a little while. However , since an unit installation is only take a moment, duct tape may be used to keep it in position as well as seal off the opening. After the unexpected emergency, simply peel off the duct tape and remove the trim.

– One end of the 6″ exhaust hose snaps in to the base device while the opposite end snaps in to that window trim. The ends of the hose seem to be thin plastic material and may be cracked; so you need to be cautious.

– 12 months warranty is rather common.


In case the brief description fits your requirements, this device could be the device you would want to have.


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