Sunpentown SPT WA-1230E 12,000-BTU Portable AC Review

Sunpentown portable room ac unit

Pros Feature

easy to set-up timer with remote control
removes much humidity
plug into any 120 v outlet

Somewhat noisy
Need to consider the drainage


12000 BTU make it powerful enough to cool a big room around 380 square feet with a normal heating factor. The remote control is easy to set up the temperature and also timer. Beside of that, this portable room air conditioner unit is somewhat noisy when it’s turned on, but it’s started decrease the noise over time. So, you should turn it on a few hours before you sleep, then when you want to go to sleep the fan noise is already quieter. There is nothing to worry if you place it away from your bed though.

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What you need to consider more is the drainage, this portable ac unit needs to be drained occasionally. When the water tank is full, the machine will not operate. You need to drain the water first, in order to make the machine work again. The problem lays in the position of the drain. It is located one inch higher from the floor, so you need to use really really shallow dish to drain the water. If you want to use it for semi permanent installation, you need to consider connect a hose (already bundled) to the drain for continuous drainage.

The unit is included with one-year warranty, use it wisely. If there are problems with your portable ac unit, you should contact the manufacturer immediately, to claim the flaws your purchased unit has.
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