Buying Refurbished Portable Air Conditioner | Does it worth?

In the store, you will find many refurbished portable air conditioners which are sold for about half price of the new one. You are wondering whether you will buy this or the new one. Well, before you choose which one you will buy, it’s better to read the rest of this guide first.

How can refurbished portable air conditioner have such cheap price?

First, you need to know how this refurbished appliance is available on the market. When the buyer of portable air conditioner find defects on the unit they buy, they will look the product warranty. If it’s still under warranty, they will try to claim their warranty to the manufacturer. Then the dealer will have 2 options, try to repair the product or exchange it with the new one. If the damage not so severe, the dealer will choose to repair the unit as soon as possible. However if the unit is badly damage, the dealer will exchange the unit with a new one. Then the defect product will be sent to the manufacturer. The manufacturer will repair the product, exchange the parts that need to be replaced and make it like a new one. This repaired product will be resold as refurbished one.

Is it worth the price ?

Everyone that purchase refurbished portable air conditioner will agree that they buy it due to its cheap price. The unit suppose to work well like a new one, because the manufacturer has extensively repair and test the unit before resell it to the market. However there are several factors you need to consider before you buy the refurbished one. First thing you need to do is to ask the seller how long the warranty will last. Short 30-day warranty may be a warning sign of bad deal on this appliance. It’s always better to buy refurbished unit that have a longer period of warranty.

Another consideration is to look for how much money you will save by buying refurbished product. Since the reason you may buy this kind of unit is the cheap price, you must make sure you will get substantial saving than buying a new one. If the gap price is not so big, I would recommend you to buy a new one.

If the refurbished unit you want to buy has a long period of warranty and also can save much of your money, it is a good sign that you have found a good deal. However, you need to always remember that the product you will buy has already been used by another person. That’s why it’s always better to check for any cosmetic defect the product has. If you don’t mind with small scratch on the product, you can buy it.

Another tips to buy home appliance in a cheap price is by looking for older models. As you know, when a new model is released to the market, the old one will automatically be sold in a lower price. This product is brand new, you don’t need to double check anything, since it has full warranty from its manufacturer.

Where to buy refurbished portable AC ?

You can buy refurbished appliance in the local store or buy it online from Amazon.  They will always label the product with refurbished sign and the warranty the product has. If in any way they don’t mention the warranty, you can always ask the seller how long the warranty will last. In my experience, VMInnovation always has a good deal for you. Most of portable air conditioner there are refurbished, but don’t worry they give 3-month warranty on the product they sell


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