Friedrich Ph14B Air Conditioner Portable Review

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Reviews Of Friedrich Ph14B 13500 BTU Air Conditioner Portable

Convenience is the one we’re after regarding home appliance unit. Having free goods or services are everyones dream. These needs can be fulfilled by the existence of portable ac. This kind of air conditioner is more beneficial than the ordinary one. I give you three reasons why friedrich ph148 is worth to buy:

1) You can set it to cool or heat your room. In a place where the atmosphere is changing frequently ie. during camping, this product is a must have unit. Throughout the day, this unit will do its job and bring comfort for you and your loved one.

2) The cooling power is awesome. To cool one or two rooms, you only need 13500 BTU unit. To overcome the cooling load, you just have to set it on in the right time and the atmosphere will be cold in no time. You don’t need to run it all day to maintain your room temp, you only need to set it to run on specific time.

3) Cheap price. This unit can deliver more than the similar unit with the same price tag. Turn it on and find cool breeze air in no time, this ac will make you realize that you never waste your money bought it.

You can focus the exhaust of this unit to get amazing result, however you need to read this guide carefully. This unit alone will exhaust 40 degrees air when it runs in a 70-72 degree room temp on heat mode. With the same room temp, this unit will exhaust 120 degrees hot air on cool mode. If you use this correctly, you easily focus very high and low temp easily on specific spot.

It’s normal when the unit will condense in heating mode. The manufacturer usually provide a pump and small tube to aid you solving this problem. On a ground surface, this unit will work best. Though in the heat mode there are condensation, the manufacturer has already prepared for this and equip the unit with this great feature.

There are four mode you can choose, according to your need at the time. However, each mode need special hosing configuration.
– Both hoses has to be attached in back of the unit and directly into the window using window adapter provided.
– The fan mode can be run without any hose attached.
– While you run dehumidify mode, you need to remove the hoses from the unit, and cover the hole on the window adapter plate (the cover has already provided in the box).
– Heating mode requires you to disconnect the hose (the input hose) and don’t forget to stop the leaking air in the window adapter by using provided cover.

This dual hose portable AC unit has become perfect solution for many American families out there. That’s why I believe this Friedrich Ph14B might be the perfect one for you too.


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