Sharp CV-P10LC 9,500 BTU Review AC Portable

Sharp CV


Portable design, remote control, plasma cluster, dehumidification, bucketless, quiet sound,  horizontal louvers can be set automatically up and down


For small room use, long time cooling


Well, for hot temperature, a room needs air conditioning system so that it will be capable of cooling the temperature and we are able to do activities in the room comfortably. Sharp CV-P10LC Portable Air Conditioner 9,500 BTU is one option of air conditioning product that can be considered. There are many people who have gained the values of the product. However, some others also see the product has weak values. Here we are going to review the product from feedbacks that the customers share on the internet.

Positive Feedbacks

Portable design – Well, the one positive value that many customers love about this product is that the air conditioning is in portable design. The portable design is made with four roll caster that can allow the air conditioner to be moved from one place to the other. You can have one product of air conditioner for your house and you can just easily bring it from one room to the others according to your need.

Remote control – In addition, lots of customers are also satisfied with the feature of remote control that the product has. The product of air conditioner is designed with LCD display that can be controlled with remote control. So, when we want to increase or decrease the temperature we do not have to come closer to the air conditioner. With the remote control, we can also control the timer, setting the operation mode, and other settings.

Plasma Cluster Technology – The product also raises positive review from the technology of plasma cluster that can clear the air from negative ion.

Dehumidification – The air conditioner can also take away the humid from the air.

Quiet Sound – Sharp claims 36DB in low fan mode, and yes this product is quiet when in fan mode

horizontal louvers can be set automatically up and down – One press of a button and it can be set in the desired position, not like the other units that cannot adjust the vertical air flow but just sweeps the air side to side

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Negative Feedbacks

For small room use – it is figured out that some customers is in little disappointment about the air conditioner product because this is considered to be effective for small room only. The product can hardly give effect to bigger room. This is make sense, since this product only use 9500 BTU. Please look our table guide beside

Long time cooling – the product is also recognized to give the cooling effect in longer time so that this is not suitable for need of immediate cooling. I do not agree with the feedback, since the feedback is came from the one that actually try to use this product on 380 s.f. room


Well, seeing the positive and negative feedbacks about Sharp CV-P10LC Portable Air Conditioner 9,500 BTU, it is concluded that the product is suitable for the air conditioner of smaller room. This seems to be effective for home need of air conditioner because it will work nicely in controlling the room temperature and it also can make fresh air for small room.

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